Machine Shop

Wild Bore Plant Services Machine Shop is a fast, full-service machine shop specializing in precision CNC milling and CNC lathe work for research and development projects, repairs, prototypes, and production runs. We service a wide spectrum of industries from food processing to manufacturing and aerospace that range in size from small family-owned businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Wild Bore Machine has proven experience with all types of carbon alloys, stainless steel, super alloys, plastics, phenolics and other polymers.

Our machine shop houses the latest in industrial-grade equipment, including CNC mills, CNC lathe, conventional mills, water jet, lasers, and lathes to provide you with the best results for projects of all scopes and sizes. Whether we are working with commercial or military projects, we take extra measures to ensure your project is completed correctly. Wild Bore Machine tailors all projects to your specifications and works to exceed your expectations, providing a product that adheres to your directions, timeline, and budget. Our quality control team performs key quality inspections on all repaired or fabricated parts to make sure that they meet the customer’s specifications.

Regardless of the tolerance or specifications of your project, we are knowledgeable in metalworking techniques across the spectrum. Our metal preparation capabilities include sawing, torching, water jet cutting, laser cutting, shearing, burning, bending, assembly, beveling, and rolling. We also offer custom fabrication including the design and creation of custom parts to help your project reach the next level.

Our machine shop services include

  • MAZAK Hyper Turbo Laser-X510, cutting capacity of 1’’ Carbon Steel, 1/2’’ Stainless Steel and 3/8’’ Aluminum
  • CALYPSO Water Jet – 6’x12’ Table with 6’’ thick cutting capacity
  • CINCINNATI Arrow 2 CNC Mill
  • SHARP SV-4323 CNC Mill
  • HAAS ST30 CNC Lathe with servo bar feed
  • HYD-MEC auto feed saws
  • Conventional  Lathes
  • Conventional Mills
  • Gravograph XP engraving machine
  • FARO Arm for measuring and QC